We pride ourselves on our commitment to service in an industry that is steadily growing and rapidly innovating. We at AFC Solar stand ready to take on any challenging project with the utmost regard to safety, quality, and efficiency.

Steel Erection

HRS and CRS Installation, Crane and Rigging, Welding, Bolting, and Torquing.

PV Panel Installation

Parking Garage Tops and Ground-mount Solar Carports and Canopies.

Concrete Foundation

CIDH Piles, Drilled Piers, Spread Footers, Pile Caps, and Anchor Bolt Installation.

Steel Fabrication

Fabrication Shop, Welding, and Beam Processing.

Parking Garage Tops

Ground-mount Solar Carports and Canopies


Americase Fabrication & Construction has been producing quality solar structures for several years. As a result of a  growing demand for premier installers, Americase Fabrication & Construction established AFC Solar in 2020 and we have since met the challenges of each unique project, head-on.

Pivot Energy | Sedalia, Colorado

Single and Dual tilt carport 

431.34 KWp DC | 6 Arrays | 48.5 tons structural steel | 1,092 panels 

Steel Fabrication, Dual Coat Paint, Galvanizing and Installation with Water Management

ESA Solar | Orlando, Florida

Long span garage top mount system 

848.82 KWp DC | Louvered LS | 176 tons structural steel | 1,806 panels 

Install only

Ameresco | Newton, Massachusetts

786.24 KWp DC

3 arrays Dual tilt and Long span

97.5 tons structural steel

2,016 panels Steel Fabrication, Dual Coat Paint, Galvanizing and Installation

Ameresco | Carlisle, Massachusetts

549.9 KWp D

5 arrays Max rack DT and LS

150 tons structural steel

1,410 panels 

Steel Fabrication, Dual Coat Paint, Galvanizing and Installation 

Earthlight | New Haven, Connecticut

252.72 KWp DC | 3 arrays DT | 42.5 tons structural steel| 648 panels 

Concrete Foundations, Steel Fabrication, Dual Paint over Galv Coating, Galvanizing and Installation w/ Water Mgmt

Sunpower | Piscataway, New Jersey

1,006.74 KWp DC | 3 canopy Long Span | 160 tons structural steel| 2,142 panels 

Concrete Demo and Installation

  • GeoScape Friendship Circle – Livingston, NJ – 14 tons HRS
  • GeoScape Infragistics – Cranbury, NJ – 14 tons HRS 
  • Standard KP Shady Grove – Rockville, MD – 45 tons HRS 
  • Daigle MEMA – Framingham, MA – 40 tons HRS 
  • Daigle Readiness Center – Natick, MA – 30 tons HRS 
  • Children’s Hospital Parking Garage – Washington, DC – 270 tons HRS 
  • New Jersey National Guard – Cherry Hill, NJ – 13 tons HRS, Dual Coat Paint and Galvanizing
  • Verizon – Piscataway, NJ – 100 tons HRS 
  • Warrington Police Dept. – Warrington, PA – 14 tons HRS and Galvanizing 
  • Colgate – Piscataway, NJ – 100 tons HRS, Dual Coat Paint, and Galvanizing 
  • American Solar Logix FCU – Valencia, CA – 80-ton HRS (Rolled Canopy) and Galvanizing
  • Newport Redwood Realty – Cumberland, RI – 40-ton HRS and Galvanizing
  • Lexington ISD – 6 sites Lexington, MA – 300 tons HRS, Dual Coat Paint and Galvanizing
  • Natick ISD – Natick MA – 45 tons HRS, Dual Coat Paint and Galvanizing

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